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Pollinator Pack for Wild Bees - 50 ct


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Short Description

Give your wild backyard bees options with a variety of Natural Reeds and BeeTubes. Add the Pollinator Pack to your bee house to provide an instant bee hotel! Contains 50 nesting holes of various sizes.



Native bees and beneficial wasps come in many shapes and sizes and are looking for nesting holes just right for them.

Each Pollinator Pack contains:

  • 6 Natural Reeds 8mm
  • 12 Natural Reeds 6mm
  • 10 BeeTubes 8mm
  • 12 BeeTubes 6mm
  • 10 BeeTubes 4mm

In the wild, native hole-nesting bees nest in standing dead trees, fallen logs, and the ends of broken bushes or grasses. Our Pollinator Pack provides the nesting holes that bees and beneficial wasps need.

Nesting holes in the 8mm size are preferred by spring mason, wild leafcutter, wool carder, and resin bees and by grass-carrying and mud wasps. Smaller bees like the summer leafcutter and some resin bees prefer the 6mm size holes. The smallest 4mm holes are designed for aphid-hunting wasps in the Pemphredon genus.

BeeTubes and Natural Reeds open easily and safely, making removal of healthy cocoons a snap. Fresh nesting holes should be provided every year to reduce the spread of diseases and pests.

Construct your own native bee habitat or purchase one of our bee houses.

Add the Unique Native Bee Sticker (below) and participate in our Native Bee Network program.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Place nesting holes, with the large open end facing outward, in your bee house. Try adding a few twigs or sticks between tubes and reeds to break up the pattern and create visual landmarks.

Keep your nesting holes out of direct rain, provide a 2" overhang.

In the fall, remove nesting holes from the bee house to protect from insects and birds.

To open BeeTubes, first nick the end with scissors or a razor blade and unravel, exposing cocoons.

To open Natural Reeds, pinch the large open end, causing a split to form. Pull the split end of the reed apart.

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