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  1. Perfect for native bees such as the summer leafcutter bee or beneficial wasps.

    Hole sizes vary between 4-7mm

    Also available in quantity of 50.

  2. Natural Reeds are spring mason bees' favorite nesting material!

    Reeds crack and split easily for quick removal of cocoons. Qty 250.

    Save 15% with this bulk order!

  3. Wild Bee Cardboard BeeTube in 4mm size for native bees and beneficial wasps.

    Perfect for small bees such as the spring Osmia atriventris and Osmia pumila or summer beneficial wasps such as the aphid-hunting wasp that prefer very small nesting holes.

    Also available as quantity of 40.

  4. Summer BeeTube (6mm)

    Perfect for the summer leafcutter bee, beneficial wasps, and other wild native bees.

    Also available as quantity of 36.

  5. Bulk supply of easy to open cardboard tubes in the 8mm size that spring mason bees prefer. Great for summer beneficial wasps.

    Save 15% with this bulk order!

  6. BeeTubes and Inserts for added protection and ease of harvesting.

    Spring mason bees prefer 8mm diameter nesting holes. Great for summer beneficial wasps.

    Save 20% with this bulk order!

  7. Spring EasyTear Insert Refills open easily and are designed for use with spring BeeTubes (8mm) or drilled blocks of wood.

    Save 25% with this bulk order!

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