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BULK - Easy-Tear Insert Refills - 250 Count

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Short Description

Insert refills open easily and are designed for use with large 5/16" (8mm) BeeTubes or drilled blocks of wood.

Also available in quantity of 60.



Mason Bee Easy-Tear Inserts! Your mason bees should have clean holes each year.

  • Each insert is made of  smooth paper that snugly fits inside the large BeeTube (8mm).
  • Inserts can be easily pulled from either guard tubes with plastic stops on the back, or from Crown Bee traditional BeeTubes with spin close.
  • Inserts spiral tear with ease making harvesting a breeze.  If you have trouble tearing the BeeTubes, you may find these tubes much easier to open.  
  • If you are new to mason bees, please don't buy inserts only because they seem to be the best buy.  While these inserts are easy to open, they really are too thin to be used by themselves. Parasitic wasps can easily lay their eggs through the thin insert walls. Inserts should be used with a protective BeeTube or be inserted into a drilled hole.
  • Inserts can also be used with re-usable wood trays (8mm holes) for spring mason bees.

Each box contains 250 inserts. Also available in quantity of 60.


Additional Information

Additional Information

  1. Place inserts into standard 5/16" (8mm) BeeTube or holes of nesting block.  For insertion into nesting block, be sure to insert straw with some length protruding from hole to allow straw to be removed later. Suggestion for use of inserts in drilled blocks: Insert straws from backside of block leaving 1/2" of straw haning out back. This can only be done if holes are drilled all the way through block.  Fold end of straw down.  This will help to prevent pests from entering the tube and allow for easy removal of inserts. For the overall health and well being of your bees, please consider moving from drilled blocks to reeds, tubes or wooden trays.  Over time, the use of drilled blocks will result in a noticably significant decrease of cocoons due to the presence of disease and pests in the block.
  2. Place nesting tubes with inserts or block with inserts in bee house in early spring. Do not use the insert without the protective BeeTube.  Doing so can increase the ability of the parasitic wasp to deposit its eggs through the thin wall of the insert and into the developing bees.
  3. Please attempt to keep your BeeTubes and inserts or nesting block and inserts out of direct rain. Crown Bees' houses are designed with roofs to overhang beyond the end of the tubes or wood nesting trays.
  4. When spring mason bee activity has ceased (typically by early June) remove tube sets from bee house and store mud end up, out of direct sunlight, allowing larvae to develop and mature. Consider a BeeGuardian™ fine mesh bag for storage of your BeeTubes and Inserts over the summer helping to protect developing bees from pests such as ants, beetles and wasps. Exposure to average air temperatures typical for your region will help bees to develop at the appropriate rate. Wood nesting trays and inserts can be handled the same way.
  5. In October, determine which tubes and inserts are empty and which contain mud and larvae by first examining each set. If mud is obviously visible at the end of an insert, set it aside for harvesting. For sets where mud is not so obvious, hold the BeeTube and insert up towards a light source and peer through the open end of the straw. If light can be seen through the tube, the tube is empty and can be set aside for reuse next year.
  6. Pull out the insert from the BeeTube or wood block. Some tubes may stick a little because pollen has saturated the insert and “glued” it to the BeeTube. Tear open the insert from either end to expose and extract cocoons.
  7. Questions about harvesting specifics?  Consult our harvesting section for more information.

Consider the use of InvitaBee™ attractant sheets to add the smell of mason bees to your nesting tubes and inserts.

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