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BULK - Large Natural Spring Reeds - 250ct

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Short Description

Large Natural Nesting Reeds, spring mason bees' favorite nesting material!

Reeds crack and split easily for quick removal of cocoons. Qty 250.

Also available in quantity of 50.



Spring mason bees prefer larger sized (8mm) nesting holes.

In a side-by-side comparison, a nesting native bee prefers reeds over tubes or wood trays. Lake reeds are visually attractive and the slight size variation gives a female bee a nesting hole that is just right for her. Mix with other nesting materials to attract more bees.

Crown Bees quality natural lake bed reeds are hand gathered and cut. Nesting hole sizes are about 8mm (5/16"), approximately 6" long, and fit into all Crown Bees bee houses. Each reed has a natural node to seal the back end, preventing parasite access.

Large natural reeds come in varied sizes: 7-10mm.

Perfect for spring mason bees and wild solitary bees and beneficial wasps!

Additional Information

Additional Information


Correct placement of the reeds in a native bee house

  • Place the reeds as far back in your native bee house as possible to protect the reeds and bees from direct rain.
  • Ensure the reeds are uniformly stacked. For best success, provide a 3-D effect with your mason bee reeds. Pull some reeds out, place a stick, pencil, or similar object between the reeds to help the bees differentiate between the reeds!
  • Important - Do harvest your bees in the winter. Unharvested reeds will increase pest buildup over time and you will lose your bees

Large Natural Lake Bed Reeds

Hole sizes vary between 7-10mm

Perfect for medium to larger native bees such as the summer garden bee or beneficial wasps.

Available in bundles of 50 or bulk quantity of 250.

Large bees use large holes.  

The large natural reeds have varied sizes, but in general are larger than the small Natural Reeds.

Crown Bees has obtained quality natural lake bed reeds.  These have been hand cut with hole sizes around 5/16" (8mm) and are about 6" long. They fit into all Crown Bee Mason Bee Homes.

In a side-by-side comparison, a nesting native bee will prefer reeds over tubes or wood trays.  We believe this is due to the variety of sizes that help the females native bee find her hole easily.

These reeds are perfect for spring mason bees and other medium and large nesting bees and beneficial wasps!

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