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Spring Mason Bee Mud Mix

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Spring Mason Bee Mud Mix, 8 oz of dry clayey mud that is perfect for your nesting mason bees. Helps mason bees seal their nests! Beneficial for gardeners with sandy or loamy soil.


Why Mud? No Mud = No Mason Bees

Spring mason bees use moist clayey mud to protect each nesting chamber and female mason bees prefer clayey mud, not just clay or wet dirt. Our Mason Bee Mud Mix is just the right clayey texture that mason bees are looking for.

You can ensure that your yard provides a clayey mud source. Within about 25 feet of your bee house, use a trowel or shovel to open a wedge in your soil and add water to check for consistency. If your soil does not stick together when wet and pinched, add Mason Bee Mud Mix to the side of the wedge in the ground. Mason bees like to gather mud from the vertical wall and the groundwater will help keep your mud mix moist.

Each package of mud mix supports 100+ nesting female mason bees, who use the mud to build protective walls between each nesting chamber.

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