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Mason Bee Mud Mix

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Short Description

7oz. Dried Mason Bee Mud Mix, perfect for your nesting mason bees.

Helps bees seal their nests!

Beneficial for gardeners with sandy or loamy soil.



Why Mud? No mud = No Bees

The female mason bee is very picky when selecting a home location. She won’t build a nest in your yard without the all-important mud. She seals each egg chamber with mud to protect her developing babes. If there’s no mud, she’ll leave. She is also picky about the type of mud she uses. Her small mandibles must be able to grasp small grains, and then fly to the nest.

Wet spring soil can be too soupy to grasp, or the grains too large to hold. Crown Bees has an easy solution for your mason bee. She prefers clayey-mud, not just clay or wet dirt. Our mason bee mud mix packs well and retains water for stickiness. And it’s easy for her to transport.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Mason bees prefer to gather their mud from the sidewall of a hole in the ground rather than a bowl.  The groundwater also keeps the mud relatively moist. 

Dig a small hole, about a shovel blade deep/wide. Locate it about 20’ distance from where your mason bees are nesting.   If you are concerned about frogs or birds eating your mud-gathering bees, place chicken wire or hardware cloth on top with holes no smaller than ¾”.


Mason Bee Mud Mixture Ratio

Loamy or sandy soilNormal looking soil

Clayey soil

Equal parts of dry mason bee mud and existing soilOne part dry mason bee mud to two parts soilNo need to mix in mason bee mud

In a bowl, mix the dry mason bee mud thoroughly with your soil. Add a bit of water so that the dry mason bee mud isn’t floating in the air.  If you add too much, that’s ok as the water will dry out later. 

Place an inch thick of mud mixture on the southern side of the hole you dug. This reduces drying out due to sun exposure. Keep the mud on the south side of your hole wet/moist.  In dry climates or very sandy soil, water each morning with a hose. Your nesting bees will more than likely find this nearby mud.  Good luck with raising these wonderful and gentle bees!

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