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Summer Reusable Wood Trays for Leafcutter Bees - 156-Hole


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Short Description

Scents from reused wood trays attract nesting leafcutter bees. Easy to open and clean to remove and harvest leafcutter bee cocoons.



Reusable wood nesting trays are perfect for the serious leafcutter bee raiser!

Wood is a natural habitat for leafcutter bees and provides both insulation and moisture control - a natural wicking effect that pulls moisture from the wet pollen loaf, preventing moldy cocoons.

Reusable wood trays should be placed within a bee house to protect from rain.

  • Nesting holes are 6mm in diameter, the preferred size of our summer leafcutter bees.
  • Front is burnished, creating a visual pattern that helps the leafcutter bee find their home.
  • Removable cardboard backing protects the leafcutter bees and encourages nesting.
  • Precision crafted of Northwest alder. Side notches lock into neighboring trays, retain alignment, and help block pests from entering on the side.
  • Reusable wood trays control year-to-year costs.
  • Easy to open and clean to remove and harvest leafcutter bee cocoons in the spring.
  • Scents left from previous leafcutter bees will attract next year's generation of leafcutter bees.

If you build your own bee house, ensure that your roof is 3" longer than the wood trays.

Additional Information

Additional Information


How to use the Leafcutter Wood Tray

  • Place the trays outdoors in June or whenever your area is ready for your Leafcutter cocoons to go out for emergence
  • Needs to be located in a spot that will not allow the trays to get soaked due to rain. Provide about 2-3" of overhang.  You can always reuse your Mason Bee House with this trays with no adverse issues to either bee since one is spring and other is a summer pollinator.
  • Once Leafcutters are done flying, bring the trays into a garage or well ventilated shed, (around end of August).
  • Store the trays with the open holes facing up.

Optional Leafcutter InvitaBee! Leafcutter bees tend to naturally disperse. Crown Bees has developed a pheromone that has shown to attract more leafcutter bees to nest than disperse. For your success, we strongly encourage you to try this attractant out.

How to Harvest your Trays 

  • Leafcutters are generally harvested from the trays in January.
  • Remove tape from around the wooden trays stacked together to form the block.
  • Unstack the trays one at a time, carefully removing leafy cocoons from each channel
  • Once all cocoons are removed, the trays are ready to be cleaned and stored for next season.
  • If your tray has green elastic bands, they are reusable year after year.  Simply place the bands around the trays after cleaning.
  • Keep your cocoons in a cooler outside location, protected from predators.  

How to Clean your Trays 

  • Clean the individual trays on both sides with a scrub brush to remove excess pollen and other debris.
  • If your tray has green elastic bands, they are reusable year after year.
  • Store the cartridge in a dry location for next season.
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