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Talk & Teach: Get to Know Spring Mason Bees - PowerPoint

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Talk & Teach Presentation: Get to Know Spring Mason Bees - and how to raise them. Download our presentation and deliver it to your audience with confidence. Raise awareness of our gentle native bees!

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You can help us raise awareness, which helps mason bees, by talking with a variety of audiences. Every bit of discussion benefits the bees, our ecosystems, and our economies.

Mason bees and mason bee houses are becoming more well known but many people need and want to learn how to take care of spring mason bees.

We've created a wonderful new presentation that introduces our gentle native mason bees and how to raise them for spring pollination. Your audience will learn the differences between social and solitary bees and why native bees are superior pollinators. You'll learn about spring mason bee lifecycle, nesting habits, what to avoid, and how to raise mason bees. By the end of the presentation, your group will understand how raising mason bees is a part of a growing garden to farm to table movement!

We want you to feel confident and prepared and all you have to do is speak. The notes section provides a script that you can easily follow. The presentation should take between 30-45 minutes to present.

Fonts are included in the download.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Feel free to edit our PowerPoint presentation and make it your own. Be sure to enter your name on the title slide and introduce yourself to your audience.

Hide slides and add slides as you need them. You can even change animations as you wish.

Practice your presentation and use our notes as a script. Add your own stories about mason bees and have fun.

If you have questions or suggestions, please email outreach@crownbees.com. We are always looking to improve!

You will receive email notification of any future updates (free of charge) for this presentation.

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