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Cottage Bee House


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Short Description

The Cottage Bee House is made of cedar wood with an attractive and unique roof style.



Our Cottage Bee House design features:

  • Made from western red cedar
  • Features an overhang that keeps your nesting materiasl and especially your bees dry during rain
  • Sufficient space to place a cocoon release box on top of nesting materials
  • Perfectly sized for the smaller stack of nesting trays allowing you to increase the smaller trays as your bee population grows.
  • Works great with either 120 EasyTear tubes, 120 BeeTube with Inserts, 100 natural reeds, one 48-hole wood mason bee tray, one 78-hole leafcutter wood tray or combination of smaller trays.

Additional Information

Additional Information


The Cottage Bee or House can be hung on any flat surface preferably facing the early morning sun. It can be easily mounted to wall or secure structure using a nail or screw which is then inserted into the keyhole in back of the Cottage House.  Suggested height to hang your Chalet would be between 5-7 feet above the ground to keep your house away from pests yet still allow easy viewing and access.  Locate the Chalet within 100 - 300 ft. of  their pollen source.  It is also Important to have mud readily available for your bees near the bee house.  Crown Bees highly recommends that you dig a hole in the ground near where you set up your house so that the females bees can easily find mud.  Good clayey mud is crucial to successful Mason Bee raising!

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