Welcome to Crown Bees! At Crown Bees, we help gardeners and farmers increase pollination and food production with gentle, solitary bees.
  • Bee Station Kit With Bees

    Want a unique stocking stuffer? Natural Reeds are solitary bees' favorite nesting material! Reeds crack and split easily for quick removal of cocoons and fit in all Crown Bees Houses. These are a great gift for people who already have a bee house!

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  • Crown Bees Gift Certificate

    If you want to give the gift of pollination, but want your loved ones to be able to choose the house style, nesting materials, and bee ship dates that work best for them, then you can't go wrong with a Crown Bees Gift Certificate!

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  • Total Accessories Package

    Our Total Accessories Package for Mason Bees includes all the essentials to successfully raise mason bees. This is a great gift for people who already have a bee house and DIYers!

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