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The Mason Bee Revolution


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Learn about mason and leafcutter bees in this informative and entertaining book written by Dave Hunter and Jill Lightner.

  • - How best to raise these gentle bees.
  • - Tips on what to do during the year for success.
  • - How solitary bees will help increase our world's food supply.



Crown Bees' owner, Dave Hunter, dives deep into the world of the curious mason bee.

The national media regularly features dire stories on honey bee colony collapse and its danger to our food supply. But there's another, unsung bee that has the potential to save the planet: the mason bee.

Mason Bee Revolution explains how docile, hard-working, solitary mason bees (and their compatriots, the leafcutter bees) are even more productive pollinators than honeybees, and keeping them can be a fun, easy, backyard hobby for gardeners, conservationists, foodies, and families everywhere.

Mason Bee Revolution is an easy-to-follow guide to keeping both mason and leafcutter bees. It tells you how to set up, care for, and harvest your own bees and what types of plants and habitat encourage mason and leafcutter bees, as well as provides general information on other common pollinators and bee-related facts, projects, and personalities.

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