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  1. Native Bee Guide Second Edition: Grow More Food and Flowers - a step by step guide on how to raise hive-less bees and optimize your garden's potential (26-pages, full color booklet).

  2. "The ultimate bee book for bee enthusiasts and experts alike."—Bookseller Buyer's Guide.

    Our favorite reference book to help us identify our local native bees and learn about where and how they live.

  3. Carry your groceries or library books in style with our reusable 100% cotton shopping tote. Lightweight with a big message to "Raise Native Bees".
  4. Our Native Bees: North America's Endangered Pollinators and the Fight to Save Them

    By Paige Embry

    A wonderful leisurely read with glossy pages full of beautiful photos; educational and perfect for summertime reading. Makes a great gift and looks good on your coffee table.

  5. Learn about mason and leafcutter bees in this informative and entertaining book written by Dave Hunter and Jill Lightner.

    • - How best to raise these gentle bees.
    • - Tips on what to do during the year for success.
    • - How solitary bees will help increase our world's food supply.
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