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  1. Spring 2019 mason bees for spring pollination. 20 cocoons per order. Price includes FREE First Class shipping!

    We ship mason bee cocoons on Mondays, February - May, 2019. Select your date to ship below.

  2. Sale! Leafcutter bees for sale Leafcutter bees for sale

    Gentle summer leafcutter bees are perfect garden companions. A generalist bee who will happily pollinate your summer blooming fruits and vegetables like melons, tomatoes, peppers, squash, and peas - just about any flower. 100+ cocoons per order.

  3. Gentle-natured summer leafcutter bees are wonderful for summer pollination of fruits and vegetables like melons and peas, and just about any flower. Super pollinators that are family and pet safe. 100+ cocoons per order. Price includes FREE Canada Post shipping.

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