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BeeHut Basic Set for Spring and Summer Bees


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Short Description

This durable BeeHut starter kit features a long overhang for protection from sun and wind, ribbed exterior for water shedding and ample room for releasing of bee cocoons from behind nesting tubes.  Kit includes 50 BeeTube nesting tubes for spring mason and summer leafcutter bees.  



This BeeHut Spring and Summer Kit features just the basics - house and holes.  This set is perfect for the budget minded bee enthusiast looking to increase spring and summer pollination.  Season specific BeeTube nesting tubes are easily swapped out to encourage nesting of mason bees in the spring and leafcutter bees in the summer.  This kit includes:

  • BeeHut House - strong, durable and easy to install (measures 9 1/2" deep x 3 1/2" diameter)
  • 8mm BeeTubes-25 count (for spring use)
  • 6mm BeeTubes-25 count (for summer use).

Set does not include bees or accessories. 

Wood stand not included.

Additional Information

Additional Information




  • Select a location facing early morning sun to awaken and warm your bees.
  • If summer temperatures are very hot, ensure house is in afternoon shade for your leafcutter bees.
  • Position house at eye level, 5-7 ft. (1.5-2 m) from ground, for easy viewing and protection from pests.
  • Place your bee house out of the line of sight of any bird houses. Birds love to munch on bee larvae.
  • Locate the house within 100 - 300 ft. (30-91 m) of a pollen and mud (for spring mason bees) source.
  • Surface mount the BeeHut house or lay it on its side in a secure position and location.


Surface Mounting

  • Remove base cap (end with holes) and secure it to a wall, fence, or flat surface using screws (recommended) or nails. Screws/nails not included due to varying mounting surfaces.
  • Mount cap with a slight downward angle for rain protection. Too steep an angle and the tray may fall out.  Achieve this angle by first tightening the top screw, and then backing it out one full turn. Tighten the bottom screw then back out ½ of a turn. If using nails, don’t drive top nail flush. Gently push the BeeHut housing into the mounted base cap.


 Image 1 Image 2 image 3 image 4

Fig. 1  Position base cap.

Fig. 2 Tighten upper screw, back out 1 full turn.

Fig. 3 Tighten lower screw; back out ½ turn.

Fig. 4  BeeHut is installed!


INSERT BEE TUBE NESTING TUBES (spring mason bees and summer leafcutter)

  • Your kit has 25 spring tubes (8mm), and 25 summer tubes (6mm). Instructions are the same for both.
  • Insert 25 same-sized tubes (open ends facing entrance) into the BeeHut before affixing to base cap.
  • Leave 1 inch (25mm) of housing space behind the tubes to insert the bees for release. Open the box of spring mason bees or the mesh bag of summer leafcutters (or place loose cocoons) so they can emerge and crawl over the tubes (Fig. 5-8). This helps imprint “home” so bees return to your nesting tubes.
  • Gently push housing into mounted base cap, making sure the cocoons are not crushed.
  • Push the tubes towards the back of the house for protection from rain and wind. Arrange the tubes at varying depths or lengths. This creates visual indicators to help bees find their selected holes.
  • If you are starting with spring bees, remove tubes when bee activity stops. Replace with summer 6mm tubes. Remove leafcutter tubes when bee activity stops. Store filled tubes in BeeGuardian™ bag store until harvesting.



Fig. 5- Insert tubes into front of the BeeHut (8mm tubes shown).

Fig. 6- Insert bees behind nesting tubes. Open spring mason bee box (shown) or summer leafcutter mesh bag.

Fig. 7- Gently insert house into mounted base cap.

Fig. 8- Your BeeHut is ready for pollinating!


New to raising spring mason or summer leafcutter bees?  Download our New-2-Bees Course (www.crownbees.com/learn-mason-bees).

Also, please consider signing up for Bee-Mail at www.crownbees.com.  We'll provide bee raising tips and reminders to help you be successful!

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