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Spring and Summer BeeHut Basic Set


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Short Description

Our Spring and Summer BeeHut Basic Set includes our durable BeeHut bee house and 50 BeeTube nesting tubes for spring mason and summer leafcutter bees.



The Spring and Summer BeeHut Set features just the basics - bee house and nesting holes. This set is perfect for the budget-minded bee enthusiast looking to increase spring and summer pollination. BeeTube nesting tubes are easily swapped out to encourage nesting of mason bees in the spring and leafcutter bees in the summer. The BeeHut Basic Set includes:

  • BeeHut House - strong, durable and easy to install (measures 9 1/2" deep x 3 1/2" diameter)
  • 8mm BeeTubes - 25 count, for spring mason bees
  • 6mm BeeTubes - 25 count, for summer leafcutter bees

Set does not include bees or accessories.

Wood stand not included.

Additional Information

Additional Information



  • Remove base cap (end with holes) and secure it to a wall, fence, or flat surface using screws (recommended) or nails. Screws/nails not included due to varying mounting surfaces.
  • Mount cap with a slight downward angle for rain protection. Too steep an angle and the tray may fall out.  Achieve this angle by first tightening the top screw, and then backing it out one full turn. Tighten the bottom screw then back out ½ of a turn. If using nails, don’t drive top nail flush. Gently push the BeeHut housing into the mounted base cap.
  • In the spring, place larger 8mm BeeTubes into the BeeHut for spring mason bees. Remove filled nesting holes once female mason bees are done nesting.
  • In the summer, place smaller 6mm BeeTubes into the BeeHut for summer leafcutter bees. Remove nesting holes in the fall once weather cools and leafcutter bees are no longer flying.
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