Welcome to Crown Bees! At Crown Bees, we help gardeners and farmers increase pollination and food production with gentle, solitary bees.
  • Harvesting Tools

    Harvesting mason bee cocoons is a quick and easy way to ensure a healthier mason bee population! But before you begin, you'll want to set up your harvesting workspace and gather your harvesting tools.

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  • Cocoon Comb

    Save time and effort during your bee cocoon harvest! Our Cocoon Comb is designed to provide the optimal angle for gently harvesting cocoons from our wood trays and natural reeds. Made from plastic recovered from used marine gear, coastal shorelines, and our oceans.

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  • Reed Splitter

    Opening reeds by crushing the capped end can quickly lead to sore fingertips, and often the reed will break unevenly, requiring extra time to get all the cocoons out. The Reed Splitter easily opens natural reeds and tough-to-open bamboo — saving your fingers during harvesting!

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