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Wild Bee Motel


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Support wild pollinators with nesting habitats! Provide missing habitat for these awesome pollinating bees with a variety of nesting hole sizes and nesting materials.

Medium sized motel, two scent attractants, a variety of hole sizes for small, medium, and large sized bees, pithy stems, and boards for wood drilling bees.



An instant habitat kit that includes a wild bee house; InvitaBee pheromone sprays for mason and leafcutter bees; Pollinator Bundle: 25 each of cardboard tubes in  6mm & 8mm sizes, 20 each 4mm cardboard tubes, small, big reeds; 8-10 pithy stems; and two carpenter bee nesting boards. 

  • Wild bees come in a variety of sizes and need a nesting hole that is just the right size for them.
  • Some wild bees prefer to chew their way through pithy stems or solid wood.
  • This kit's reeds, tubes, and pithy stems are all easy to open for cocoon harvest in the late fall.
  • Carpenter bee nesting boards should be replaced every season.
  • Drilled blocks of wood do not allow you to inspect your bee's health.
  • Motel (bee house) size: 10" H x 10" W x 8 1/2" Deep.


  • Cedar motel
  • InvitaBee pheromone attractant for both mason and leafcutter bees
  • 25 each of large (8mm) and medium (6mm) cardboard BeeTubes
  • 20 small (4mm) cardboard BeeTubes
  • 20 each of small and big natural reeds
  • 2 boards with starter holes for carpenter bees
  • Handful of pith filled stems
  • Instructions

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