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Native Bee Station™


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Set up a Native Bee Station and join the Native Bee Network, Crown Bees’ citizen science project that discovers your local native hole-nesting bees across North America. Select the Bird Guard for an additional $3.95 to ensure bee safety.



The Native Bee Station provides healthy nesting habitat for native hole-nesting bees and it connects you instantly to our Native Bee Network program. NBN is a citizen science project with the goal of finding native hole-nesting bees in backyards, forests, right of ways, campuses, and other natural locations across North America. Wild bees discovered in your Native Bee Station can be the perfect bees for pollinating your local farms and orchards.

Install the Native Bee Station near flowers and join in the effort to improve bee diversity in our farmlands!

  • Natural reeds are visually attractive to bees, are easy to open and replace, and have a slight natural size variety.
  • Wild bees come in a variety of sizes and need a nesting hole that is just the right size for them.
  • Drilled blocks of wood and bamboo do not allow you to inspect your bee's health.


  • Native Bee Station cedar bee house: 5.5” H x 5.5” W x 10” D, cedar sourced from Canadian First Nations forests with strict sustainable standards
  • 30 Natural Reeds 8mm, size range 7-10mm
  • 30 Natural Reeds 6mm, size range 4-7mm
  • Native Bee Network Number, engraved on wood
  • Instruction sheet

Select the Bird Guard button for an extra $3.95 and stop birds from pulling out nesting reeds.

Additional Information

Additional Information

InstructionsIn the early spring, install in an easy to find location protected from the wind. Place near a variety of flower sources and in a natural environment relatively free of pesticides and lawn care chemicals. Mount the Native Bee Station at eye-level, about 5ft (1.5m) on a secure surface that faces the morning sun. Retrieve the bee house and filled reeds in the early fall. Register the engraved Native Bee Number in the Native Bee Network Map App using your smartphone. Crown Bees will email you throughout the year with program instructions.
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