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Chalet and Wood Tray Set for Spring Mason Bees


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Short Description

A medium-sized house and hole set, the Chalet House and 48-hole wood tray is perfect for beginner or experienced spring mason bee raisers who are interested in both style and function.  House is crafted from Northwest red cedar and features an attic area for protection and release of bee cocoons.

Bees and a...



This is a great starter kit for the serious mason bee raiser.

Includes a 48-hole wood tray perfect for about  about 30 female mason bees. The wood trays are easy for you to manage your bees during harvest.  They help reduce pest build up and are what the commercial pollinators use.

Mason bee house

  • Made of northwest cedar
  • Large overhang helps keep your straws/trays/reeds and bees dry.
  • There’s room to place a cocoon release box in the attic.
  • Perfectly sized for the medium (48-hole) stack of nesting trays.
  • Size:  10 1/4" H x 10" W x 8 1/2" Deep

Mason bee nesting trays

  • Seven wood trays designed to stack upon each other, creating 48 holes.
  • The nesting trays are re-usable which controls year-to-year costs.
  • Each tray has side notches that lock into neighboring trays, retain alignment, and help block pests from entering on the side.
  • The front of the wood trays have a varied depth and have been lightly burnished to create a unique pattern that helps the mason bee orient on its hole.
  • Stack size:  3 1/2" H x 5 1/2" W x 6 1/4" Deep

All you need are a few mason bees to get pollinating!

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