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Chalet and Leafcutter Wood Tray Set

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Short Description

A medium-sized house and hole set, the Chalet House and 78-hole wood tray is perfect for the beginner or experienced summer native bee raiser who desires both style and function.  House is crafted from Northwest red cedar and features an attic area for protection and release of bee cocoons.

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Great value for the Leafcutter bee raiser. 

Contains the Chalet house and 78-hole wood tray set.

Chalet house features 

  • Natural cedar wood which can be easily painted.
  • Slanted to drain excess rain.
  • 2″ overhang helps protect nesting material and bees from rain.
  • Convenient cocoon release shelf under the roof.
  • Keyhole slot in back for easy installation and removal.
  • Can be placed on secure shelf or mounted to wall or fence.
  • Sized to accommodate one medium wood tray set for spring and summer bees.
  • Designed to hold about 200 leafcutter bees.
  • Size: 10 1/4" h x 10" w x 8 1/2" d

 Leafcutter nesting trays features

  • seven quality wood trays with 78 holes, suitable for up to 200 leafcutter bees.
  • Reusable, which controls year-to-year costs.
  • Design makes it easy to manage your bees during harvest
  • Help reduce pest build up
  • Convenient side notches on each tray lock into neighboring trays, retain alignment, and help block pests from entering on the side.
  • Front of trays are lightly burnished to create a unique pattern to help the leafcutter bee orient on its hole. 
  • Trays are dark on the front to provide additional heat.
  • Includes elastic bands that help you keep the trays tight season after season. (Also helps control pests)
  • Stack size:  5 1/4" w x 3 1/4" h x 6" deep

All you need now are Leafcutter bees!

Additional Information

Additional Information


Chalet house

  • Hang the house on a wall or fence, or place it on any flat surface. A convenient keyhole opening in the back of the house makes it easy to mount on a structure using a nail or screw.
  • Select a location that faces the early morning sun to awaken and warm your bees.
  • Position the house height at about 5-7 feet above the ground so you can still view activity, and protect your bees from pests. If you have a bird house, position your bee house out of its line of sight. Birds love to much on bee larvae.
  • Locate the house within 100 - 300 ft. of a pollen source.
  • In addition to pollen, leafcutters need non-fibrous leaves to help build their nests for each egg. Locate your house near a good source.</li> 

Reusable Wood Trays

  • Your wood trays will arrive with elastic bands around them to hold the trays together. Leave them in place and reuse them for future years.
  • The trays come with cardboard on back to close off the back side of the holes. Do not remove the cardboard. This will help to keep pests from gaining access to nesting females and their eggs.
  • Place wood tray set in Chalet Mason Bee House with open holes facing out.
  • During harvesting, cut the original straps and separate the trays. Gently remove the cocoons from each row of the tray.  Try not to nick cocoons while harvesting. Check front and back of each tray since cocoons can stick to tray plates.
  • Clean the tray set and store until next season.


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