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Chalet House


Availability: In stock

Short Description

Raise your solitary bees in style with this medium-sized, cedar bee house. Our most popular bee house provides attic space for easy cocoon release and protection.



Our simple Chalet Solitary Bee House design features:

  • Made from beautiful Northwest cedar
  • Features a large overhang that helps keep your inserts/trays/reeds and especially your bees dry during rain
  • Has room to place a cocoon release box in the attic or behind the nesting materials
  • Perfectly sized for the smaller stack of nesting trays allowing you to increase the smaller trays as your bee population grows.
  • Works great with either 120 EasyTear tubes, 120 Guard Tube with Inserts, 100 reeds, one 48-hole wood mason bee tray, one 78-hole leafcutter wood tray or up to 6 of the small trays (12 or 20 holes)
  • Size:  10 1/4" H x 10" W x 8 1/2" Deep

For starting mason bee owners, we recommend the Total Accessories package.

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