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Chalet House


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Short Description

Raise your solitary bees in style with this medium-sized, cedar bee house. Our most popular bee house provides attic space for easy cocoon release and protection.



Our simple Chalet Solitary Bee House design features:

  • Made from beautiful Northwest cedar
  • Features a large overhang that helps keep your inserts/trays/reeds and especially your bees dry during rain
  • Has room to place a cocoon release box in the attic or behind the nesting materials
  • Perfectly sized for the smaller stack of nesting trays allowing you to increase the smaller trays as your bee population grows.
  • Works great with either 120 EasyTear tubes, 120 Guard Tube with Inserts, 100 reeds, one 48-hole wood mason bee tray, one 78-hole leafcutter wood tray or up to 6 of the small trays (12 or 20 holes)
  • Size:  10 1/4" H x 10" W x 8 1/2" Deep

For starting mason bee owners, we recommend the Total Accessories package.

Additional Information

Additional Information


The Chalet Solitary Bee House can either be hung or sat on any flat surface preferably facing the early morning sun. It can be easily mounted to wall or secure structure using a nail or screw and then insert into keyhole in back of Chalet.  Suggested heigth to hang your Chalet would be between 5-7 feet above the ground to get your house away from pests.  Locate the Chalet within 100 - 300 ft. of  their pollen source.  Important too is mud availability for your bees near the house.  Crown highly recommends that you dig a hole in the ground near where you set up your house so the females bees can successfully find mud.  Good mud is crucial to sucessful Mason Bee raising!



What type of nesting materials will my Chalet hold?  The Chalet house can use and hold any of the following; 120 Easytear tubes, inserts, 100 reeds, 48-hole Spring Mason Bee tray, 78-hole Summer Leafcutter wood trays or a combination of tubes/reeds can all be used in this house.  

Can the Chalet be hung?  Yes using the keyhole in the back with a screw or nail

 Why is it important where I set up my bee house?  Early morning sun will get your bees up and moving once they are warm enough to fly.  Giving your bees early morning sun will give them the most amount of time to get their work done.

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