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Crown Bees has designed innovative products to help you succeed raising native bees.

All of our accessories are designed to solve problems and ensure bee health.

  • Clean Bee: A bleach alternative that kills chalkbrood, diseases, and mold
  • Clayey Mud: Mason bees need moist, clayey mud near their bee house
  • InvitaBee - Pheromone attractants that smell like home to nesting bees
  • HumidiBee - Prevents dehydration during winter cocoon storage in your fridge
  • Total Accessories Package - All-in-one for convenience and cost savings
  • BeeGuard Bag - Protect your filled nesting holes from pests
  • LeafGuardian Bag - A fine mesh bag for protecting cocoons during incubation
  • Bee Defender - Parasite traps with scent lures for pests
  • Rubber bands - are bands made of rubber... that hold wood trays together!
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  1. We recommend Clean Bee™ as a safer alternative to bleach for targeting mold, chalkbrood (a fungal spore), and other surface diseases that can harm your bees. Naturally occurring, HOCl is a pure and stable compound that is safe for humans, animals, and insects. Enter coupon code CLEANBEE2018 for $3 off!

  2. Sale! Spring Mason Bee Mud Box Spring Mason Bee Mud Box

    The Mason Bee Mud Box, through capillary action, helps to ensure a clayey mud consistency that can be easily gathered by nesting spring mason bees. Water storage bin eliminates the need for daily watering. Mason Bee Mud Mix is included!

  3. Parasitic wasps and other pests are attracted to the same pheromone that attracts solitary native bees to their nest. The Bee Defender's scented lure attracts the pests into the glue traps, while netting prevents the bees themselves from entering. Contains lures for both spring and summer pests that harm mason and leafcutter bees.
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