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BeeGuard Pest Prevention Bag for Hole-nesting Bees


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Short Description

Safeguard your bees with the BeeGuard Bag. Designed to keep pests away from developing bees. Sized to hold multiple wood nesting tray sets or hundreds of nesting tubes.



The BeeGuard Bag is designed to protect against ants, parasitic wasps, carpet beetles and other pests from gaining access to your developing bees!

Crafted from industrial organza fabric, this reusable bag provides a protetective barrier between larvae-filled nesting material and hungry predators. The ultra fine mesh fabric helps to safeguard developing bees while allowing moisture to escape. Double drawstring secures the bag entrance.

Fits two large (96-hole) mason bee wood trays, two large (104-hole) leafcutter trays or approximately 400 tubes.


Machine washable
Flat dimensions: 20″ x 21″

Can be used for both spring mason bees and summer leafcutter bees.

Previously labeled as the BeeGuardian Bag.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Simply open the BeeGuard Bag and place larvae-filled nesting material inside. Secure the bag by tightly closing the drawstrings.

Store the bag and nesting material (holes facing up) out of direct sunlight (a garage or shed works well) in average temperatures for your area.

Developing larvae can be left in this protective environment until it is time to harvest cocoons.

Use the BeeGuard Bag during storage and incubation of your harvested leafcutter cocoons.

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