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Spring Mason Bee Mud Box


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Short Description

The Mason Bee Mud Box, through capillary action, helps to ensure a clayey mud consistency that can be easily gathered by nesting spring mason bees. Water storage bin eliminates the need for daily watering. Mason Bee Mud Mix is included!



Why Great Mud is important!
The mason bee protects each nesting chamber with clayey mud. Without a source of moist clayey mud nearby, mason bees will fly away.

The correct moisture content of the clayey mud is important to bees. Arid locations and rooftop gardens struggle to keep their mud mix wet.

The Mason Bee Mud Box solves this challenge with capillary action!

Using capillary action, water stored below the mud takes an elevator ride up the black cloth, runs horizontally under the clay allowing the clay to wick up the right amount of moisture.

Depending on weather conditions, the water level in the storage bin may last one to two weeks before refilling is required. Includes Mason Bee Mud Mix!


Additional Information

Additional Information


Making Mud

Simply open the top of the bag of Mason Bee Mud Mix and add water, kneading the mixture within the bag until it has the consistency of dough. Roll the mud into a 1" thick log.

Setting up the Mud Box

1. Fill the lower chamber with water.
2. Position the black cloth so that one end is at the bottom under the water.
3. Place the laminated instruction sheet, which acts as a tray, onto the lower container rim effectively pinching the black cloth.
4. Lay the black cloth on top of the instruction sheet.
5. Curl the mud log into a C shape & place on top of the black cloth.
6. Close the container lid.
7. Position Mud Box within a 25’ (8m) radius of your mason bee house in an easily seen area with partial shade.
8. Check the height of water weekly and add water as necessary.

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