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Mason Bee Mud Box


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Short Description

Mason bees look for just the right moisture content in their search for clayey-mud. The Mud Box, through capillary action, helps to ensure a sticky consistency that can be easily gathered by nesting spring bees.  Water storage bin eliminates the need for daily watering. Mason Bee Mud is included!



Why Great Mud is important!
The mason bee seals each egg chamber with mined clayey mud. She prefers a clayey mud that is easy to transport in her mandibles to her nest. Without proper moist clayey mud, mason bees will fly away.

The correct moisture content of the clayey mud is important to bees. If it is too dry, mason bees can't pick up or pack the mud. If too wet, again, the bee can't carry and pack the mud in her holes.  Gardeners have to rely upon ground water to keep their mud moist. Where the mud was wet in the morning it may not be wet after exposure to afternoon sun. 

The Mud Box solves this challenge with one of nature's gifts: capillary action! 

Using capillary action, water stored below the mud takes an elevator ride up the black cloth, runs horizontally under the clay allowing the clay to wick up the right amount of moisture.

Depending on weather conditions, the water level in the storage bin may last one to two weeks before refilling is required. Mason Bee Mud is included!


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