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Spring Mason Bee Mud Mix


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Short Description

Spring Mason Bee Mud Mix, 7oz. of dry clayey mud that is perfect for your nesting mason bees.

Helps bees seal their nests!

Beneficial for gardeners with sandy or loamy soil.



Why Mud? No mud = No Bees

Spring mason bees use moist clayey mud to protect each nesting chamber. The female mason bee is very picky when selecting mud. She prefers clayey mud, not just clay or wet dirt. Our Mason Bee Mud Mix packs well and retains water for stickiness.

Ensure that your yard provides a clayey mud source. Using a trowel or shovel, open a small hole in your soil and wet it to check for consistency. If it does not stick together when wet and pinched, add Mason Bee Mud Mix to the hole in the soil.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Simply open the top of the bag of Mason Bee Mud Mix and slowly add water, kneading the mixture within the bag until it has the consistency of dough.

Mason bees prefer to gather mud from the sidewall of a hole in the ground rather than from a bowl. The groundwater also keeps the mud moist.

Dig a small hole about 25' from your mason bee house. If you are concerned about frogs or birds eating your mud-gathering bees, place chicken wire or hardware cloth on top with holes no smaller than ¾”.

Place an inch thick of mud mixture on the southern side of the hole you dug. This reduces drying out due to sun exposure. Keep the mud wet. In dry climates or very sandy soil, water each morning with a hose.

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