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InvitaBee Commercial Mason Bee Attractant


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InvitaBeeā„¢ Commercial, a concentrated formula for attracting spring mason bees. Designed for large-scale use in farms and orchards.



The InvitaBee™ Commercial Mason Bee Attractant is a pheromone attractant for all mason bees in the Osmia genus. Attracts mason bees to your bee house and pollinates your crop.

We've teamed with the USDA to obtain the license for a wonderful patent that attracts all Osmia species, also known as mason bees. Scientific tests concluded that mason bees find nesting holes from scent pheromones and prefer to nest where other mason bees have nested. The attractant is delivered by spraying the InvitaBee contents onto the front of your nesting holes.

Use of spray will not guarantee that your bees will stay put. The spray will, however, significantly help attract native mason bees to your nesting material. Each container has about 50 sprays, with each spray delivering 1 dose of attractant. 

Do not spray more than 2 doses to the face of your mason bee material as the pheromone may become too strong. While the bottle will appear half full, the content equals 50 concentrated sprays.

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