Reed Splitter

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  • Reed Splitter
  • Reed Splitter — Easily Opens Hard To Open Bamboo Reeds
  • Reed Splitter — Easily Opens Natural Reeds
  • Reed Splitter
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The Reed Splitter easily opens natural reeds and tough-to-open bamboo — saving your fingers during harvesting!

Harvesting mason bee cocoons is a quick and easy way to ensure healthier mason bee populations. And, loose cell management of leafcutter bees protects the developing bees from parasites. But, that means you have to open your nesting materials to access the bee cocoons — which can be a pain, literally!

Opening multiple reeds by crushing the capped end can quickly lead to sore fingertips, and often the reed will break into multiple pieces requiring extra time to get all the cocoons out of the back of the reed. 

We've learned that by breaking the reed or bamboo at the node end with a sharp cutting tool, the entire reed/bamboo easily splits in half, allowing you to scoop out the cocoons quickly.

Added Bonus: Our Reed Splitter even works well with tough-to-open bamboo reeds!


  • The concave bottom holds reeds in place while the blade cuts the reed lengthwise at the node end.
  • Springloaded handle re-opens reed splitter for ease of use.
  • CAUTION Cut Hazard – The product has functional sharp edges. Contact may result in injury. Always keep blades away from fingers and body. Handle with care. Use with adult supervision.


    • Cutting at the node reduces the risk of squishing cocoons near the mud-capped end.
    • Reed Splitter will open natural reeds and bamboo reeds of varying diameters — 8mm reeds for mason bees, 6mm reeds for leafcutter bees, and 4-20mm reeds for wild bees.


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