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    We like to think of BeeMail as more of an educational program than a newsletter! Each month you'll receive timely information, reminders, and tips to help guide you along your solitary bee-raising journey. Plus, you'll get access to exciting educational opportunities, fun facts about solitary bees, and an inside look into our programs and partnerships.

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  • Community & School Gardens

    Our Community & School Garden Pollination Program encourages community and school garden organizers to raise awareness of solitary bees by installing bee houses and providing programming to their communities. Members receive specialized discounts on Crown Bees products, program updates, and free access to educational materials to use in community and school gardens.

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  • Mason Bee Edu

    Mason Bee Edu is an instructional resource for high school science educators who want to enrich their curriculum and foster a greater understanding of pollinator biology, the importance and role of solitary bees in food production and ecosystem services, and the need for conservation of solitary, wild bees.

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  • Bee Buy Back

    Our Bee Buy Back program empowers our community of gardeners and farmers to sell us their extra mason bee cocoons, helping Crown Bees reach our goal of increasing natural pollination and food production across the country.

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