Native Bee Network

Native Bee Network

Phase 4 - Bee Rehabilitation

The final phase of Bee Rehabilitation is the culmination of the Native Bee Network program. Native bees will be raised in farms, orchards, gardens, and wild places where they will help us grow more food and improve native plant health.

Farms and Orchards. Organic and natural farms and orchards offer the best forage for native bees and wasps. We know that monoculture farms and orchards are not always the best habitats for bees and wasps and we recommend that monoculture farms and orchards improve their flower diversity with pollination hedgerows.

Gardens. Backyard gardens are excellent environments for raising native bees because they naturally include flower diversity.

Wild Places. Native plants including trees, shrubs, bushes, and forbs benefit from native bee pollination. Native bees and plants evolved to support each other and native bee pollination will improve native plant fruit yield, which will feed wildlife.

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