Native Bee Network

Native Bee Network

Phase 1 - Discovery

Discovery is the first phase that sets the entire Native Bee Network program in motion and it is the phase that requires the most active participation by individuals and groups. Participants set up NBN nesting sites in backyards, right of ways, fields, farms, and forests. Participants input observations of the solitary hole-nesting bees and wasps that were found at each nesting site. 

The Discovery phase will most likely require more than one year and may take up to several years for some locations. It may take time for local native bees to find the nesting sites. NBN’s ultimate goal is to find and raise bees with the characteristic of returning to nest reliably year after year. 

Discovery includes the observation of returning native bees that are good candidates to be managed and propagated. Bees discovered during this phase will be raised in local farms and can also help pollinate our wild spaces for habitat restoration projects.

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