Native Bee Network

Native Bee Network

New Ethical Practices

The Native Bee Network will improve bee diversity on farms, orchards, and gardens. The success of NBN will help the agricultural industry adopt the innovation of raising and supporting native bees and wasps. 

Native bees are the best suited to pollinate in their natural ranges because they are acclimated to their local weather patterns. Raising native bees within their natural ranges ensures that the bees maintain their resilient and easy to raise status.

Opening nesting materials to harvest and clean cocoons is typically the best practice for raising hole-nesting bees. Loose cocoon management significantly reduces the spread of pests and diseases and ensures a healthy bee population.

Native bees should only be raised in locations within their traditional ranges. The best management practices for raising hole-nesting bees must include location restrictions and also include bee raising steps that reduce the spread of bee pests and diseases

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