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 Native Bee Network, Support Wild Bees in your Backyard

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Advisors & Resources

Our yards are home to so many kinds of bees, butterflies, and insects that need our help. We plan on sharing links to papers and articles here to fulfill your curiosity and expand your knowledge. We're supportive of other citizen science projects that you can join. 

If you are interested in participating as an advisor to our program, please email: outreach@crownbees.com. The Native Bee Network is available to anyone that has an expertise or enthusiasm in North American hole-nesting bees. Your time commitment is up to you and we are looking for help in the following areas:

  1. Consultation during program planning
  2. Identification of bees using photos of bees as adults and in cocoons
  3. Help us network with entomologists, students, and conservationists
  4. Keep in touch. NBN should always have something new and exciting in store!

Why citing information is important

Native bees deserve our very best effort and our knowledge about how to care for them should be as up to date as possible. There is so much to learn about bee life cycles, behavior, and preferences. This section will be a place to find articles and studies that can help you write a paper or win an argument.

Credible resources and links

Here are some of our favorite native bee labs and programs:

Packer Lab at York University: Photos of bees of Canada and from around the world

The Integrated Crop Pollination Project: A joint effort with the USDA 

Jim Cane: Research entomologist with the USDA has a great guide for Osmia lignaria and contributed to many papers on the Osmia genus 

BugGuide.net: A great place to get to know bugs and identify your guests

DiscoverLife.org: Another great place to get to know your bees, includes a map for species reference

Pollinator Partnership: Start with their planting guide, tailor-made for your ecological region

Citizen Science Projects:

The Northwest Pollinator Initiative: A project local to the Puget Sound region

Bumblebee Watch: Help monitor bumblebees!

The Lost Ladybug Project: You can help spot ladybugs!

The Xerces Society has a nice list of projects across the continent


Our Advisors

Thank you to the Native Bee Network's Advisory Board. (Coming soon, profiles and links to their work.)

Sam Droege: Thank you for answering our many questions.

Jason Graham: Thank you for your enthusiasm and support.