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Native Bee Share is win-win-win!

Our Native Bee Share program encourages public gardens and educational agencies to raise awareness of our native hole-nesting bees. Organizations and community groups can purchase a discounted all-in-one Native Bee Share Kit for their public gardens. The bee house creates awareness and provides education to visitors of the gardens, while also providing spring and summer pollination to the garden's flowers and crops.


Most people don’t know about super-pollinating, native hole-nesting bees and our program is a wonderful way to introduce our native bees. Place a Native Bee Share in your community’s garden and you will pique interest, educate the public, and raise awareness of our native bees.

The spring mason bees and summer leafcutter bees included in the Native Bee Share program are perfect for community gardens because they are gentle solitary bees that are much less aggressive than honey bees.

  • Solitary bees do not have a hive to defend and they don't live in a colony.
  • Solitary bees are docile and safe for children, families, and pets.
  • Their rare sting is mild and similar to a mosquito bite.


  • Cedar Bee House - choose Chalet or Cottage style
  • Sponsorship plaque, custom engraved
  • Laminated educational signs to teach visitors
  • 20 Spring mason bee cocoons acclimated to your region
  • 100 Summer leafcutter cocoons incubated and ready to emerge
  • Reusable wood nesting tray (24-hole) for spring mason bees
  • Reusable wood nesting tray (39-hole) for summer leafcutter bees
  • Native Bee Guide: our step by step 26-page booklet
  • Total Accessories Package
  • Instructions


  1. Organize your community group and gather sponsorship for your Native Bee Share.
  2. Fill out the application form below and once approved, place your Native Bee Share kit order. The discounted price of the kit is $94.95 (not including shipping).
  3. Set up your Native Bee Share kit and educate your community!

Garden visitors will ask about the bees and everyone is sure to fall in love with these gentle insects.

We would love to share your community’s success. Send us updates or inquiries and we will help share your story!

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