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Native Bee Network, Support Wild Bees in your Backyard


Native BeeHut Native BeeHut for Native Bee NetworkFilled Nesting Holesnative bee reeds filled with colorful end caps

Let's get started with your group

Groups and organizations install an array of native bee nesting sites across their community's landscape. Working as a team or group increases the area of coverage and sample rate, allowing us to find more bee species with less effort.

What your group will do is simple: Place out nesting holes for a season, observe the filled nesting holes in the fall, and place the filled nesting holes out the next spring.

NBN Group Instructions

The minimum commitment for group participation is twenty Native BeeHuts. On average, group NBN participation begins at $500 which includes 26 of our Native BeeHuts with unique identification stickers.

    1. Discuss the NBN program outline with Crown Bees and place an order for group participation. 
    2. Install the Native BeeHuts in various locations. Using a smartphone, enter data through our web application. If possible, observe some of the nest sites for bee activity during the spring and summer.
    3. In the fall, retrieve all Native BeeHuts. Use our web app to locate where you placed them. Describe what you've found, and by opening a few reeds up, take pictures of cocoons or larvae and upload to the NBN web app.
    4. Over the winter, protect and store reeds in a cool location, keeping each bundle of reeds marked carefully.
    5. In the spring, filled and partially-filled reeds are placed back at roughly the same location with new reeds added as necessary.

Each group should participate in a one-year commitment. Our intent is to observe nesting activity over a period of years with your local native bees. Many bee species may show up one year, but not the next. The hole-nesting bee species that show up each year are the bees we'll want to focus on.

We're very excited to lead this program!

The Native Bee Network program will work best if your group participates for as long as possible! We know this program will take many years to provide enough bees for nearby farms and orchards. We're committed to making a difference. Twenty years from now, we hope to have native bees in most organic farms and orchards to produce significantly more food. Your participation in this program is greatly appreciated!

To get started, please fill out this form and a Team Member will be in touch with details on how to move forward!

  • Group Program Minimum is 20

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