North America's Endangered Pollinators and the Fight to Save Them

Our Native Bees

Cotton Tote - Raise Native Bees

Cotton Tote - Raise Native Bees - 15.5 x 15

Learn Sign - Raise Native Bees 4 Easy Steps

Raise awareness of our gentle hole-nesting bees with our weatherproof educational sign.


Teach the world about spring mason bees, summer leafcutter bees, why they are better pollinators, and the four easy steps to raise them.

  • Install our weatherproof signs on your educational kiosk, classroom or message board, or display the signs at your next fair or festival.
  • Our educational sign is a high-quality double-sided print (not laminated) that measures an impressive 11"x17".
  • One side introduces mason and leafcutter bees and how to raise them, the other side teaches about bee hotels and good bee hotel design.
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