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Spring Reusable Wood Trays for Mason Bees - 96-Hole


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Short Description

Spring reusable wood trays for mason bees with 96 nesting holes. Scents from reused wood trays attract nesting mason bees. Easy to open and clean to remove and harvest mason bee cocoons.



Mason bee nesting trays are perfect for the serious mason bee raiser!

Trays should be placed within a bee house to protect from rain.

  • Precision crafted of Northwest alder.
  • Nesting holes are 8mm in diameter, the preferred size of spring mason bees.
  • Houses 50-60 female mason bees, about 180-200 total cocoons.
  • Front is lightly burnished, creating a visual pattern that helps the mason bee find home.
  • Cardboard removable backing protects the mason bees and encourages nesting.
  • Side notches lock into neighboring trays, retain alignment, and help block pests from entering on the side.


  • Reusable wood trays control year-to-year costs.
  • Easy to open and clean to remove and harvest mason bee cocoons in the fall.
  • Scents left from previous mason bees will attract next year's generation of mason bees.
  • Wood is natural habitat for mason bees and provides both insulation and moisture control - a natural wicking effect that pulls moisture from the wet pollen loaf, preventing moldy cocoons.

If building your own bee house, ensure that you have plenty of overhang space!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Spring Nesting Activity

1. Wood trays will arrive with elastic bands to hold trays together. Note: Cardboard backing protects the back of the nesting holes and should not be removed.

2. Place wood tray within a bee house to provide 2-3" of overhang to protect from rain.

3. When spring mason bee activity has ceased, remove filled wood tray and store over the summer.

Summer Storage

Store the filled nesting trays with mud-capped nesting holes facing up. We recommend storing the trays in a BeeGuard bag or another container that will allow air to circulate and keep pests out. Store protected over summer in an unheated garage or shed (follow nature's temperatures).

Fall Harvesting and Cleaning & Storage of Tray

1. Remove elastic bands, setting cardboard backing aside. Separate trays one at a time, removing cocoons as you go.

2. Clean trays with a dry scrub brush and restack them. IF chalkbrood is found, spot clean chalkbrood location with a mild bleach solution.

3. Re-strap the trays using the elastic bands, being sure to include the cardboard backing.

4. Store assembled trays in an unheated garage or shed for use next spring.


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