InvitaBee™ Plus+ Mason Bee Attractant

InvitaBee Commercial Mason Bee Attractant

InvitaBee Commercial Mason Bee Attractant

InvitaBee™ Spray Leafcutter Bee Attractant

InvitaBee™ Spray for Leafcutter Bees: Attracts summer leafcutter bees to your bee house.


The InvitaBee™ Spray Leafcutter Bee Attractant helps make your bee house smell like home to summer leafcutter bees.

We experimented to produce a natural pheromone that attracts our summer leafcutter bees. In our trials, summer leafcutter bees preferred the nesting holes that were treated with our pheromone.

Just before setting your summer leafcutter bee cocoons into your bee house, spray InvitaBee to the front of your nesting holes. InvitaBee Spray will significantly help attract leafcutter bees to your nesting material through the stimulation of two powerful senses - sight and smell.

Natural Reeds are leafcutter bee's favorite nesting hole. Situating Natural Reeds in among your BeeTubes or next to your reusable wood tray will help to attract female leafcutter bees looking for a place to call their own.

Each package contains 1.5ml of InvitaBee Spray and 5 Natural Reeds.

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