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InvitaBee™ Spray for Leafcutter Bees

Regular Price: $8.95

Special Price $7.16

Availability: In stock

Short Description

InvitaBee™ Spray for Leafcutter Bees: Attracts leafcutter bees to your bee house.

Regular Price: $8.95

Special Price $7.16



The InvitaBee™ Spray for Leafcutter Bees helps to attract leafcutter bees to your bee house.

We experimented to produce a natural pheromone that smells like home to leafcutter bees. In all of our trials, the bees preferred the holes that had this pheromone scent. The attractant is delivered by spraying the InvitaBee contents onto the front of your nesting holes. Use of spray will not guarantee that your bees will stay put. The spray will, however, significantly help attract leafcutter bees to your nesting material through the stimulation of two powerful senses - sight and smell.

Smaller natural lakebed reeds are a favorite nesting hole for leafcutter bees. Situating these reeds in among your nesting tubes or next to your wood tray will also help to attract females looking for a place to call their own.

Each package contains 1.5ml of InvitaBee Spray for Leafcutters and 5 small natural reeds. 


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