WS - InvitaBee™ Plus+ Mason Bee Attractant - 6 Count Case

InvitaBee™ Plus+ Mason Bee Attractant for all Osmia species of bees. Makes your bee house or bee hotel smell like home to mason bees. Six-pack case includes case label.


We've teamed with the USDA to obtain the license for a wonderful patent that attracts all Osmia bee species, also known as mason bees.

Scientific tests concluded that our spring mason bees prefer to nest where other mason bees have nested before, who have left behind their pheromone scents. InvitaBee Plus+ significantly attracts mason bees to your nesting material through the stimulation of two powerful senses - sight and smell. Natural Reeds are mason bee's favorite nesting material and are included to act as a visual attractant.

Each individual package contains 1.5ml of InvitaBee Plus+ Mason Bee Attractant spray and 5 Natural Reeds.

Includes SIX packages of InvitaBee Plus+ and a labeled display box.

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Select House No
Include Leafcutter InvitaBee (+ $8.95) No
Wood Tray Size No
Free Bee Shippping No
Manufacturer Crown Bees
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