InvitaBee™ Commercial Mason Bee Attractant

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The InvitaBee™ Commercial Mason Bee Attractant is a pheromone attractant for all mason bees in the Osmia genus.

Research suggests that mason bees are attracted to pheromones left behind from previous nesting seasons. InvitaBeeCommercial Mason Bee Attractant is a USDA patented formula designed to mimic these pheromones and lure a variety mason bee species to artificial nesting sites such as bee houses.


Each package contains:

  • 5 ml bottle of InvitaBee™ Commercial Mason Bee Attractant, with approximately 60 pumps of product per bottle.  


  • In partnership with the USDA, Crown Bees holds the patent license for InvitaBee™ Commercial  Mason Bee Attractant. The attractant is used to encourage the nesting of all bees in the genus Osmia (about 350 species wordwide), as well as to reduce the incidences of dispersal.
  • InvitaBee Commercial attracts mason bees to your nesting materials through the stimulation of two powerful senses--sight and smell. Mason bees' preferred nesting materials are natural reeds. Spray the artificial pheromones (scent attractant) on the natural reeds (visual attractant) to encourage mason bees to nest in your bee house.
  • One pump is sufficient for one mason bee house.
  • The scent from InvitaBee™ Commercial lasts for about three weeks, which is ample time for attracting nesting bees.
  • Use of the spray will not guarentee that mason bees will nest in your bee house. That is the nature of nature. The spray will, however, help attract bees to your nesting materials. 
  • Store InvitaBee™ Commercial in a cool, dark location.
  • InvitaBee™ Commercial has a 2-year shelf life.
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