Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners and Bee Lovers

Gift Ideas for Bee Enthusiasts

Find a wonderful present for the gardener and bee lover in your life!

Keep reading for our holiday gift ideas with our gentle easy-to-raise hole-nesting bees who will help gardeners and farmers grow two to three times more food!

Crown Bees Gift Guide for Gardeners and Bee Lovers

For the Reader

Our collection of books is perfect for the beginner mason bee raiser to the seasoned beekeeping expert. Pair a book or two with our cotton shopping tote and your reader can carry books in style.


An engaging journey of discovery about the role of native bees.

North America's Endangered Pollinators and the Fight to Save Them
Our Native Bees

Dive deep to learn about raising mason and leafcutter bees.

The Mason Bee Revolution
The Mason Bee Revolution

Our reusable cotton shopping tote advocates for our native bees.

Our favorite scientific reference book includes more than 900 photos.

For the Teacher & Scientist

Give curious minds a unique way to watch bees build their nests with our Bee Observer nesting trays. Our bee identification field guides are a wonderful addition to your next nature hike and make great stocking stuffers.


Watch bees build their nests and learn about the life cycle of solitary bees.

Identify commonly seen bees. We also carry the Western North America bee guide.

The watercolor illustrations in this children’s book teach the life cycle of a mason bee.

Provide nesting habitat and become a citizen scientist with our program.

Native Bee Station Bee House
Native Bee Station

For the Backyard Fruit Grower

Our mason bees are easy-to-raise and they significantly improve the fruit set of cherry, apple, pear, plum, blueberry, strawberry and other spring-blooming fruits. Improved pollination can also produce fruit that is larger, rounder, and even tastier than before!


Raise super-pollinating mason bees next spring with our all-in-one kit.

Add our accessories to attract, raise and protect mason bees.

Perfect for orchards, an affordable habitat for spring mason bees.

Our healthy mason bee cocoons will help you grow more fruit!

Spring Mason Bees For Sale
2021 Spring Mason Bees - 20 ct
As low as

For the Summer Veggie Gardener

Our leafcutter bees fly best in warm summer weather. They love flowers of all kinds and are excellent pollinators of tomato, pepper, pea, bean, squash, melon, and other summer-blooming fruits and vegetables. These gentle bees will improve your yield without much effort.


Raise leafcutter bees next summer with our inclusive kit.

Our cutest summer bee kit makes a great stocking stuffer!

Quickly and easily harvest leafcutter cocoons with our Cocoon Comb.

Solitary Bee Cocoon Comb
Cocoon Comb

Our gentle leafcutter bees will help you grow more fruit and veggies!

Leafcutter bees for sale
2020 Summer Leafcutter Bees - 200 ct
As low as

For the Do-It-Yourself & Maker Advocate

After building your own homemade bee house, fill it with our expertly-designed nesting materials and add our healthy bee cocoons. You can also help your family build a bee hotel by adding our Pollinator Pack to your DIY bee house.


Add our upgrade kit to your bee house and start raising mason bees.

Optimize your bee house for leafcutter bees with our 6mm size nesting materials.

An instant bee hotel, includes nesting holes of various sizes and materials.

Line your drilled blocks of wood with our Inserts and easily harvest mason bee cocoons.

For the Bee Hotel Enthusiast

Some gardeners prefer to provide nesting habitat and see which local native bees move in. Our nesting materials are designed for optimal bee health and they are the right sizes that wild bees are looking for.


Our mason bee pheromone attractant makes nesting materials smell like home.

Our smallest & most adorable bee hotel makes a great stocking stuffer.

Proceeds fund Seattle-area pollinator conservation work.

Our set includes pheromones and nesting materials for your local wild bees.