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Garden Center Awareness

Are your mason and leafcutter bees having a bumper year of nesting activity? Wouldn’t it be nice to run to your favorite nursery or garden center to get extra nesting reeds or tubes when you need them?

Raising native hole-nesting bees is a relatively new concept and practice for many gardeners, and products or bees are not always readily found in local garden centers. We need your help to spread awareness of native bees to these stores. Many gardeners don’t know about hole-nesting bees as alternatives to honey bees and they are missing out on a great opportunity to increase garden yields. Pollination of our gardens’ fruits and vegetables is essential in reaping a bountiful harvest. Your influence with your local nursery or garden center can ultimately benefit your neighbors and fellow gardeners!

What to do

Ask your local nursery or garden center to consider stocking native bee houses, nesting materials, and accessories. Encourage them to offer a native bee workshop and to have educational information available to customers. We have promotional and educational signage that helps gardeners learn about gentle, super pollinating bees. Your nursery can help raise public awareness of native bees and help to ensure that you have a convenient source of supplies and accessories. Additionally, ask your local retailer about their offering of native plants as well as plants that have been raised free of systemic pesticides – plants that are essential for healthy beekeeping. We are happy to support local centers, both large and small. Retailers can reach out to us by sending an email to wholesale@crownbees.com

We are presently working to develop aids for speaking with your favorite nursery or garden center. Speaking tools are available on our materials and kits page. We welcome any suggestions or ideas that you may have for encouraging retailers to take steps to promoting awareness of native bees. Please email us at outreach@crownbees.com.