Crown Bees Organic Farm Pollination Program

No matter the size of the garden or farm, adding native hole-nesting bees significantly increases crop yield.

Our native bees carry pollen loose and dry on their hairy bellies, spreading pollen everywhere versus honey bees who carry pollen wet and sticky on their hind legs with little falling off. Our mason and leafcutter bees short daily flying range make them excellent pollinators for organic, heritage, and heirloom farms.

Crops that are well-pollinated grow fruit and vegetables that are rounder, fuller, larger, and sometimes even tastier than under-pollinated crops. Raising native bees will help your farm produce more crops that are ready for market.

Qualifying farms and orchards can participate in our farm pollination program to lease or buy our bee cocoons. In our farm leasing program, all bee raising materials and bee cocoons are returned to Crown Bees at the end of the pollination season. The ability to lease or buy cocoons is determined by Crown Bees on a case by case basis.

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