Spring Farm Grade Reusable Wood Trays for Mason Bees -8mm

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  • Holes and cracks are found on trays. The bees don't mind.
  • Chalet w/ 8mm (Spring) Farm Grade Wood Trays - Lifestyle
  • Farm grade 48-hole wood tray. Note knot hole on side.
  • With the Bee Wayfinder Option
  • Farm grade 96-hole wood tray
  • With the Bee Wayfinder Option
  • Farm grade expanded view wood tray.
  • Farm grade tray. Hole in middle. An extreme example.
  • Bee Wayfinders
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The eco-conscious and budget-friendly choice! Millions of tons of industrial wood waste due to natural knots, blemishes, and holes enter our landfills each year. Instead of throwing these pieces of wood in the trash, we offer discounted farm grade trays that embrace these knots, marks, and spots. These imperfections do not impact nesting bees, but they do positively impact our (and the bees) environment!

Our farm grade wood trays are long-lasting, reusable, and easy to open for fall cocoon harvesting. Precision crafted of Pacific Northwest alder, our wood trays are a safe and natural nesting material for bees.

Lifestyle photos may not accurately depict what is included with this product. Please make sure to read the specifications below.


  • Nesting materials are 8mm in diameter, the preferred size of mason bees.
  • 48-Hole Count Tray: 3.25” H x 5.5” W x 6” D | Fits Cabin, Chalet, and Townhouse Bee Houses.
  • 96-Hole Count Tray: 7" H x 5.75" W X 6" D | Fits Tower Houses
  • Each tray has blemishes, knots, or holes of some nature.
  • For DIY Bee Houses, ensure roof is a minimum of 3” longer than wood tray dimensions.


  • Wood material provides both insulation and moisture control to protect mason bee cocoons from extreme temperatures and mold caused by excess moisture.
  • Wood is a porous material, which captures and retains natural nesting scents and helps to attract next season's bees.
  • Reusable wood trays minimize year-to-year costs.
  • The front of the trays are lightly burned, creating a visual pattern that helps female mason bees locate their nests and removes splinters that can harm bee’s wings.
  • Side notches lock into neighboring trays, retain alignment, and help block pests from entering the nest from the side.
  • All wood trays come with removable cardboard backing and pest-blocker fabric to prevent pests and parasites from entering the nest from the back.
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