Why don’t you sell cocoons in an unopened nesting tube?

We care about the quality and health of our bees. An unopened filled nesting tube can spread pollen mites, chalkbrood (a fungal infection), parasitic wasps, and the larvae of scavenging insects like meal moths and small beetles. A healthy bee inside of an unopened nesting hole can be forced to walk pasts pests and disease and spread them in your bee house and garden.

Opening nesting materials to harvest cocoons significantly reduces common pests and diseases. We wash our mason bee cocoons to further ensure the removal of diseases and pests. Our mason bee cocoons are graded for size so that you have the right mix of male and female bees.

We sell loose cocoons to ensure that you receive exactly what you are expecting. A filled nesting tube can be full of empty space because the female bee capped the nesting tube with only a few eggs laid. We believe that the extra time and effort to harvest, clean and inspect our cocoons is worth it because we care about your bee raising success!