When can I move my bee house?

  • Solitary bees prefer to nest in a house that is stationary and does not move. For this reason, we do not recommend that their house is hung from a wire or rope.
  • Carefully consider the location of your bee house, locating it where it will receive early morning sun if possible. Do not move the house until that season’s activity is finished.
  • Solitary bees have a very refined sense of exactly where their specific hole is located. If their nesting hole is moved, they may nest elsewhere.
  • If you must, you can safely move a bee house before bees emerge or after the bees have finished nesting.
  • If you need to add nesting holes for your bees, add them on top of the existing holes.
  • You can carefully replace full nesting holes with unused nesting holes, though be careful not to shift nesting holes too much.