UpGarden teaches children native plants, native bees

Bonnie read Mason Meets a Mason Bee at the Children's Museum.
The kids planted native plants: 1 Oregon grape. We also transplanted 4 columbines and multiple clumps of stone crop. 
1 each of Camas, Alpine Aster, Hairy Golden Aster, Douglas Aster, Yarrow, Fleabane, Nodding Onion, Kinnickinnick, and 
2 each of Cinquefoi, Beach Strawberry and Oregon Grape.
Myra showed the kids one of the mason and leafcutter bee houses and showed how cocoons go into the house.
I showed pictures of what's inside a mason bee nesting hole and they learned about bee poo! They got to look at mason bees in a small terrarium. Then we played a game to see what it's like to be a honey bee and a mason bee.