One Tree Planted video

One Tree Planted video

Reforestation Nation video raises awareness of solitary hole-nesting bees for farm pollination!

Crown Bees was featured by Reforestation Nation in their video funded by the environmental charity One Tree Planted.

Company owner, Dave Hunter, was interviewed in a field at Oxbow Farm and Conservation Center where they released thousands of summer leafcutter bees to help with summertime pollination.

An increasing number of farms are using solitary bees alongside honey bees for improved pollination and Crown Bees is proud to help spread the word of this holistic approach to farming.

Increasing available habitats for pollinators is incredibly important and the efforts of Reforestation Nation and One Tree Planted are wonderful steps toward achieving that goal.

Thank you to Oxbow Farm and One Tree Planted & Reforestation Nation for having us on your show!

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