NBN Update: Everett Community College

NBN Update: Everett Community College

In Everett, WA, Everett Community College has installed 35 Native Bee Network BeeHuts across the college campus.

The Native Bee Network (NBN) program helps individuals and community members across the country support and find their local native hole-nesting bees. 

Everett Community College's campus-wide program includes coursework that teaches the students about the lifecycle of solitary hole-nesting bees. The BeeHuts are part of a self-guided tour that students, staff, and the community can take to learn about sustainability and how mason bees and wild bees pollinate many of the plants on campus. The college landscaping includes native plants and pollinator gardens and plans to use mason bees to pollinate the community garden.


  • Community involvement
  • Expanded curriculum
  • Awareness and stewardship

More information on Everett Community College's sustainability program: http://www.everettcc.edu/administration/college-services/facilities/sustainability