What do I do with moldy cocoons in my HumidiBee?

In most cases, your bees are fine with a little bit of mold on the outside of the cocoons. However, you should look to remove excessive mold before it does damage your hibernating bees.

About mold: mold is a spore that starts from a source and typically floats in the air to a new source for the mold to grow on. Refrigerators have internal air currents that may bring mold from cheese or another source and deposit that mold onto your organic cocoons within your HumidiBee.

What to do: Vigorously rinse the cocoons in cold water and pat them dry on a towel. Using clean bee, spray the surface of the cocoons with a fine mist, roll them, and spray again. Clean Bee kills mold, but does not prevent it. Also clean and spray the humidiBee and padding. You can substitute Clean Bee with a mixture of bleach (1tbl) to water (1 cup).

Place your HumidiBee within a paper lunch sack and close it. This should reduce new mold from occurring. Continue to periodically check on the water level and mold presence.