What do I do with mason bees that have emerged in the refrigerator?

What do I do with mason bees that have emerged in the refrigerator?

When a bee emerges while stored in your cold fridge it usually means that the bee is low on stored fat.

You might want to check on the temperature setting of your fridge because if it’s too warm it will increase the bee’s metabolism.

It also may be it's time to release your bees (Past May). We recommend that you set your fridge between 34-38F (1-3C). The emerged bee is hungry and there are two options for feeding the bee.

Release your hungry emerged bees if you have good weather of about 55F(13C) and your blooms are open. You can open your HumidiBee near your bee house and either let the bees fly or pick up the bees (the cold fridge makes them slow and sleepy) and place them on top of your nesting holes. Do not leave your mason bee cocoons in the direct sunlight for longer than 15 minutes.

Keep your emerged bees in your fridge if your weather is too cold or your blooms are not open yet. Soak a cotton ball or sponge in a 50:50 mix of white table sugar and water mix and place the cotton ball in the HumidiBee. Close the HumidiBee and place it in a lunch sack so that when you open your refrigerator, it remains dark to help keep the bee cocoons sleepy. Place your emerged bees in the bee house within a few weeks of when they emerged.